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   The Age of Fulfillment is a book and art project being developed by Glen Brauer.

  What kind of future do we want for the human race? We are currently living in the information age, but what kind of future are we heading towards if we are not able to see beyond the ones and zeros?
The Age of Fulfillment project is to designed to provide a focus for humanity towards an age where fulfillment is what drives us. This project leverages ideas from some of the greatest philosophers of all time towards modern day problems which face us all.

In addition, this project is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to think about fulfillment-based products and services. This project is being headed by Glen Brauer and is inspired from his experience as Founder and Coordinator of The Meaningful Discussions Project in cities around the world.


  The following pieces are part of the Age of Fulfillment art project currently being developed: